Final rough draft is done!

Well, it has been a year, and the final rough draft of the novel is done. Now it’s off to the editors. And by editors, I mean people I know who have the time and patience to wade through 400 pages of crud and turn it into something readable. At least this part is done! […]


My first rejection! The New Yorker did not like my story. I am told that every writer, at any level, has a room full of rejection letters. I’m gonna need a freakin’ warehouse. Anyway, it *is* the only thing I’ve submitted so far, as I am concentrating on the novel, so that makes me 0 […]

Still writing

Well, I’m 32k words into the rewrite. Slow going, but plodding along. I guess it doesn’t help that I am very low IQ, a sleepy-eyed son of a bitch, and get paid 130k in hush money to bang ugly dudes who are bad at being president. Oh, well. I’ll continue on! Hope everyone is well!

Rough draft is done

Well, the final (9th!) rough draft of my novel, A Pack Of Dogs, is finished. I am getting some great feedback; thanks to everyone who managed to make their way through that jumbled, disheveled collection of words I call a story. Anyway, I’m compiling and making some notes, and now the rewrite begins. This is […]

Writing is slow

Merry Christmas everybody! The writing is going well, but is slow moving. This whole thing about spelling words right and proper sentence structure kind of gets in the way. Oh, well. I have another short story I want to submit, but it needs a tiny bit more work. Then I go through the process of […]

Short Story Submission

Well, I finally did it. I submitted my first short story to The New Yorker magazine. I know it’s a long shot, but hey, go big or go home. I will let you know when I get the rejection letter. Actually, they don’t send a rejection letter. If they don’t accept your story within 90 […]