Writing is slow

Merry Christmas everybody! The writing is going well, but is slow moving. This whole thing about spelling words right and proper sentence structure kind of gets in the way. Oh, well. I have another short story I want to submit, but it needs a tiny bit more work. Then I go through the process of […]

Short Story Submission

Well, I finally did it. I submitted my first short story to The New Yorker magazine. I know it’s a long shot, but hey, go big or go home. I will let you know when I get the rejection letter. Actually, they don’t send a rejection letter. If they don’t accept your story within 90 […]

The White Mountain

I have an Ancient, dear old friend, named Bill Baxter, an old high-school chum. He has made a career out of working the technical side of the film and television industry, and has had great success. He recently delved into the other side of the art-form, and has written a masterpiece of a screenplay, called […]

Art, not Trump

Just to stop talking about Trump for a moment, if you will allow my meandering thoughts: The word ‘art’ is a very broad term. Just about anything can be considered art, as long as it’s performed with passion and skill. Professional football can be considered an art form. Skillfully driving a car can be considered […]

Out of the writer’s hands

Well, I’ve shared the 5th rough draft of A Pack of Dogs with several folks now; maybe I’ll get some feedback, maybe not, or maybe people will think I’m just plain nuts. Anyway, there comes a time for an artist, no matter what their medium, when they find that their work is out of their […]

The 5th rough draft is done!

Well, alright! The fifth, and, at this point, final rough draft of my novella, A Pack of Dogs, is finally finished. It clocked in at just shy of 41,000 words. Now I hand it off to Maria and Pedro, and go from there! In the meantime, I’ve got an idea for another short story I […]