The 3rd rough draft is done!

So I’ve finished the 3rd rough draft of my novella. It was tedious, but I made some good changes. This might actually be a fun story to read.

I am going to take some good advice, and leave the story alone for  awhile. I will give it another read next weekend. In the meantime, I’ve got a short story to work on, although this week will be plenty busy, what with Thanksgiving and all.

My first proof-readers/editors/victims will be my brother Pedro and my Sweetie-Pie Maria. Pedro is a voracious reader, and I trust his input: he is not afraid to give me a direct opinion. Maria is the finest writer I know, and I am greatly looking forward to what she has to say about the story.

After that, I think I’ll make an announcement of the Facebook. Then, probably several more edits and rewrites. Then, hopefully, after that, I can begin to shop it around to publishers. Wish me luck!

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