Art, not Trump

61hGibmhRgLJust to stop talking about Trump for a moment, if you will allow my meandering thoughts:

The word ‘art’ is a very broad term. Just about anything can be considered art, as long as it’s performed with passion and skill. Professional football can be considered an art form. Skillfully driving a car can be considered a form of art. Hell, working at a bank can be considered an art form. These types of ‘art’ are what I consider vocational art, when someone is in the zone, who is executing a particular task with grace and prowess, without even having to think about it.

However, I am considering ‘art’ in the classical sense. Painting. Acting. Dancing. Making music. Writing, like I’m trying to stumble through. These are what we usually consider to be art.

Art, in my opinion, is the intentional endeavor, by the artist, no matter the medium, to manipulate their audience, whomever that may be. I don’t mean manipulation in the treacherous, devious sense; I mean it in the overt act of trying to elicit an emotional reaction in the beholder. This is what a good artist does. They pull a reaction, a feeling, an emotion, from their audience.

As human beings, it’s in our nature to feel. We want to feel emotion, we want to be moved. When we let an artist into our heads, we are inviting our emotions to be monkeyed with, for lack of a better term, in order to feel something. Sometimes, there is an intentional response an artist is trying to invoke. Other times, an artist is simply trying to get us to look at the world in a different way.

And other times, often, an artist is simply making art for the sake of making art. But it is still likely to have an impact.

In any event, good art will make the viewer, audience, or whomever stop and think, and, ideally, feel something stirring.

Just my opinion. Feel free to comment.

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