Proof from Amazon that I can’t write good


So I got a proof copy from Amazon of my novel, and it is FULL of grammatical errors. Spell check is only good for spelling werds rong. It doesn’t find the plethora of other errors that I found. ‘They dogs’ instead of ‘the dogs,’ things like that. So I am going through page by page, hunting down the mistakes. It’s a bit like a treasure hunt of shame. Hope everybody’s well!Angry_teacher

9 Comments on “Proof from Amazon that I can’t write good

  1. It’s amazing how many errors slip by despite intensive editing. From experience I’d go through your proof book a few times!

  2. What a hassle. Hope the re-read will be a positive experience. Auto-correct has also been horrible for some of my friends in their daily online conversations too. Guess we can only truly trust ourselves (and others) for proof-reading. Good luck, sir.

  3. I’ve been there about nine hundred billion times. It’s exacerbated because I am dyslexic. Yesterday at the post office, I was filling out a custom form to send my hiking book to a friend in England. In the box marked “contents” I wrote “Box.” I took incredible care with that form and even said to the post office woman (It’s a small town and she knows my “problem”) “I got all the numbers in the right order!” I was sincerely proud. Then she pointed at the contents box and said, “But this is a book, right?”

    No, it’s just hell. Grammarly is actually helpful as is an editor.

    • Well, when they asked what the contents were, you said ‘box.’ That’s actually true. You were sending a box. You weren’t wrong. They just needed to ask what’s *in* the box. That’s on them!

      • Actually, it was a padded envelope. I think my brain was focused on that I was writing something inside a box. Sometimes I think my brain and I are complete stranges.

  4. Draft2Digital Myself Now Days – the books come up better too:))) Far more avenues! I find what can really help with proofing my own work is pretending I’m someone else while reading it – as if for the first time! Great mental stretching exercise:))) Cheers☀️☀️☀️

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