An anxious mind writes through the right lens

One of the things my therapist and I have been working on through recovery is seeing the world through a healthy lens. I’ve learned to apply this to my writing as well.

The mind is constantly receiving information, and our consciousness routinely files it under ‘good’ or bad.’ One of the tricks of retraining an anxious mind is to change the lens, the filter, that sees the world as a negative place, and instead looking at the world through a positive lens. If you spill the coffee on the counter, you could look at as a catastrophe. Or, you could look at it as chance to clean the counter, which needed it anyway. It’s not easy to do, but it can really help an anxious or depressed mind. My example is pedestrian, but it applies to the larger things in life, as well.

So too with writing. Once you’ve written something, and you look back on it, in my case, one of the first tendencies is to say: what a bunch of crap! Or, switching the lens, you can say: Okay, this needs work, but I know if I change this, and alter this, this piece just might work. It is not an easy process, and, indeed, it is what the entire re-write endeavor is all about, but it is crucial.

Anyway, that’s just one trick that’s helped me quite a bit. Switch the lens. The world will be a better place. I hope everybody’s well!


5 Comments on “An anxious mind writes through the right lens

  1. I really relate to this; I tend to look at everything from a negative lens and that doesn’t help anxiety or depression. I also look back at my writing and say; oh that wasn’t good or I could have said it better. Thanks for the post; well written

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