Writing and Depression


What I wanted to write about today is writing and depression. Specifically, writing for depression and writing with depression.

There is no question that, in the treatment of depression, that writing is an invaluable tool. I myself have used it countless times, and in fact, my therapist has me keep a depression journal. It is empowering to see those roiling, cruel thoughts put down on paper, because then they have substance, a body, if you will, and can be more easily addressed. That mass of chaos that exists in your head, beating you down, has less power when it’s listed on paper. You can then address each one, separate from its nefarious cohorts, and begin to take back your power. This is writing for depression.

Writing with depression is also therapeutic. I have found, in my own fiction writings, in my own stories, that the mental illness can actually be a bit of an asset. Not that it’s fun to have, but it it’s there, why not use it? Anyway, when I write about a character I’ve created who is in an awful predicament, as I often do, I find I can draw upon my own experiences with depression, thus giving the character a deeper soul, a more rich personality. If you are familiar with the dark colors of depression, it’s an easy image to paint. Thus the characters become more human, more believable.

Anyway, these are just my thoughts. I hope everyone is doing well, and is having great success with their writing and/or recovery. See you soon!

7 Comments on “Writing and Depression

  1. Excellent topic
    Extraordinary thoughts
    Stupendous content
    Penned well
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    Keep sharing 💙

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