I love David Lynch, but he’s wrong

Let me just say I’m a big fan of David Lynch. His unique creativity is a standout in pop culture, and I loved Twin Peaks, at least the first two seasons.

Lynch wrote a book called Catching the Big Fish, which I reach recently, about transcendental meditation. It’s a good read, and, indeed, the therapy might be good for some people seeking relief from mental illness.

I took umbrage with part of the book. In it, he tells a story, possibly apocryphal, about going to see a psychiatrist. (David Lynch has mental illness problems? Who knew?) Anyway, Lynch asks the doctor if the treatment could damage his creativity. The doctor replies there’s a chance it could. Lynch shakes the man’s hand, refuses the treatment, and moves on.

What absolute crap. This story is as full of horseshit as Twin Peaks season 3. No doctor would ever say that, and besides, it’s just not true. Treating your mental illness, by whatever means, will NOT damage your creativity. I have been in a great recovery for some time now, and I’ve never written so much, nor have I enjoyed it so much.

I guess my bottom line is, don’t listen to the people who tell you that mental illness treatment will damage you. It will not. The goal is to make you better. Are there side effects to medications? Sure, but they sure as sugar don’t damage your creativity. And it beats drowning in a living hell.

Maybe I’m just bitter about Twin Peaks season 3. Just my thoughts.


9 Comments on “I love David Lynch, but he’s wrong

  1. Oh Andrick I’ve been beating this drum amongst my contemporaries! I absolutely hate when aspiring artists/writers latch onto the idea that you have to be ‘broken’ to make great art. Let’s face it, most writers/artists/creative types probably don’t fit the mold, but being quirky is not the same as having depression/anxiety or some other sort of mental illness. And I really can’t see Van Gogh not being Van Gogh if he had medication, can you? Thanks for writing about this!

  2. Totally agree wth the sentiments expressed here, treatment does not impact creativity if the dosage is right .. 🙂

  3. I’ve worked for Lynch twice: he’s batshit. One time we were on a busy street, he was talking to his camera operator, Lynch turned around and started peeing on the sidewalk. The best part, he never stopped talking to the operator the whole time.

  4. Creativity was not started by mental illness, so it cannot be taken away if the mental illness is being treated. A person can use their mental illness to draw some inspiration from, but it’s not the only thing that inspires. The beauty in creativity is that there is something to be discovered no matter where you are at in life. So why not seek help and see what creative things can be found there

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