Reviews! On my birthday!

Okay, it’s my birthday, and all I want are reviews! There were over 200 downloads of my books; thank you all so much!
If you could get yer bad seff over to that corporate juggernaut known as Amazon, and write me a review, even if you’ve only read a few letters, that would be neato. Just do a search for ‘andrick schall’ or look under your recent purchases.
If you give me one star, I will curl up in a fetal position and cry.
If you give me two stars, I will wander around the apartment muttering ‘whatever.’
If you give me 3 stars, that would make my day.
If you give me 4 stars, I would be the happiest man alive.
If you give me 5 stars, I will come to your house and be your personal cabin boy. Details to be arranged at a later date.
Thank you all so much! Hope everybody’s well!

17 thoughts on “Reviews! On my birthday!

  1. I have my copy of Pack of Dogs! It better be good, I have a lot of chores for you! Lol! But seriously, congratulations on the 200 downloads – that’s awesome!

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