Slow progress…

Hey everybody! It’s been a while since I posted something, so I thought I would keep the digital world updated. I’m well into my next book, and having a ton of fun writing it. I’ve returned to the world of the sentient animals, but reintroduced humanity. Of course, things go sideways. Should be fun to write how this one plays out. Anyway, I’m already 20k words into it, so it’s either going to be long, or I’m going to have to do some trimming.

I was checking sales, and I’ve managed to sell about 300 copies of A Pack of Dogs. Thanks, everybody! And congratulations if you actually managed to finish that mess! You’re a trooper! I am learning as I go, and the new novel is already a fair bit tighter.

On a side note, someone wrote a review of my other novel; Index, Washington. They were kind enough, and gave it 3 out of 5 stars, but they didn’t like the mushroom-trip scene where I inserted myself, as the author, into the story, interacting with the protagonist. I could say I was trying to be meta or something, but really I was just messing around. Anyway, they said it made the story weird. Well, the novel was about bigfoot, mothman, chupacabras, inter-dimensional demons, a buncha UFO’s, and a whole lot of drug use. I’m not entirely certain what part of that novel was NOT weird…

I hope everybody is well!

4 Comments on “Slow progress…

  1. Heeeey! Congrats on the 300, I am glad you found your flow with number 3 (?) , best of luck and good hunting old friend!

    • Thanks Old Friend! This one’s coming together pretty well. I’ve ramped up the characters a bit, and turned them into a bunch of ornery critters. I intend it to be an anti-war piece, but that means you get to write a lot of violence to get the point across. A bit like The White Mountain. Pretty fun so far.

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