Halfway there!

BAM! Not bad…

Well, I’m roughly halfway there. So far, straight 4.0s. This seems improbable, but hey, this is 2020, and nothing makes sense anymore.

I have one more academic quarter, starting next week. I’m taking Pharmacology and Medication Administration. I’ve read ahead, and they are throwing a lot of math at me. Hoo-boy… The other class I’m taking is Administrative and Clinical Review. I’m haven’t seen the syllabus for that one, but I assume it’s what we learned in the first two quarters, only more demanding, the material pounded into our heads. It’s taught by a former Army medic. Who will probably tear me apart. The more you hate me, the more you will learn! Then, in October, I will be placed somewhere for an externship. Not sure where, but that’s for October. After that, two more classes, one on resume and interview skills, and one on office administration. Then, hopefully around January, I’ll take the national certification exam, and be good to go. But one day at a time…

I saw that I was on the Dean’s List. I still have no idea what this means. Was I supposed to call them or something? Shouldn’t I wait a few days? If I call them now, will that seem desperate? I need a wingman: somebody talk me up to the Dean. Do you think the Dean likes me? Really? I don’t know… I’ve been single for a while… Maybe I’m just nervous. Maybe now’s not the right time. It’s not you, it’s me.

Wash your hands!grades

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