11666191_10206375801570353_4537412905987987001_nHey! My name is Andrick Schall, and I am a native of Seattle, Washington. I share an apartment with an angry turtle, named Levi, who hates humanity. I’m a huge fan of Mad Max, the Seahawks, long road trips, the occasional video game, and just about anything that has to do with the strange and paranormal.

My writing is my passion, and it tends to be all over the place. Most of time, however, I write about the weird and supernatural, and how a normal person would relate to it. I love to draw the reader in with details from the mundane and everyday, but that does not stop me from the frequent foray into the bombastic and grandiose. Go big or go home.

This blog is also about mental illness, and how it can affect a person’s art, whatever the medium. Art and mental illness seem to go hand in hand, sometimes. Feel free to join in on that discussion.

Some of my favorite writers, and those that have influenced me the most, are: Robert Anton Wilson, Grant Morrison, Umberto Eco, H.P. Lovecraft, Robert Pirsig, George Orwell, and, of course, the occasional Stephen King. Can’t go wrong with ol’ Esteban Rey.

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