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I love David Lynch, but he’s wrong

Let me just say I’m a big fan of David Lynch. His unique creativity is a standout in pop culture, and I loved Twin Peaks, at least the first two seasons. Lynch wrote a book called Catching the Big Fish, which I reach recently,… Continue Reading “I love David Lynch, but he’s wrong”

Writing and Depression

What I wanted to write about today is writing and depression. Specifically, writing for depression and writing with depression. There is no question that, in the treatment of depression, that writing is an invaluable tool. I myself have used it countless times, and in… Continue Reading “Writing and Depression”

An anxious mind writes through the right lens

One of the things my therapist and I have been working on through recovery is seeing the world through a healthy lens. I’ve learned to apply this to my writing as well. The mind is constantly receiving information, and our consciousness routinely files it… Continue Reading “An anxious mind writes through the right lens”

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